I hope
You can be

The lightness
To my dark
Because it feels like
You could be.

© More Than
Just a Tinder Girl

So, bizarrely I never have any reluctance sharing dark, depressing poetry, but I’ve found myself holding this one back.

I think it’s because often I’m not the one that sees the softness in this harsh world, but I think I’m starting to find ways to allow it to be in my life more, particularly through therapy and learning to be vulnerable (something I’ve struggled to do since a child).

As such, I’m often not one to write sweet, cute poems about men, but… I’m hoping this one will be the start of some change, both in me and my view of how relationships can be. I hope this is the start of something new.

Jack o’lantern

I felt hollow
No, I felt like I’d been
Hollowed out.
I used to be whole
Something inside me.

Now I was just
The outer shell
My insides scraped out
And thrown aside
A human jack o’lantern.

But this jack o’lantern
Couldn’t carve even a smile
Onto her face.
There was nothing inside

© More Than
Just a Tinder Girl