Jack o’lantern

I felt hollow
No, I felt like I’d been
Hollowed out.
I used to be whole
Something inside me.

Now I was just
The outer shell
My insides scraped out
And thrown aside
A human jack o’lantern.

But this jack o’lantern
Couldn’t carve even a smile
Onto her face.
There was nothing inside

© More Than
Just a Tinder Girl

It knows my name

It knows my name
It’s on my skin
It permeates…
The first sin.
In the garden
The apple’s bite
The penetrating look…
The wrathful smite.
Known to all
Though not a friend
Once again
This façade I mend.
It knows my name
It’s on my skin
This is my shame
It knows my sin.
How to escape
I cannot find
A way for me
To flee my mind.
I feel as though
I’ve dug this grave
I plummet down
Never to leave.
Yet still, I try
To find a way
In hope that I’ll
Succeed one day.
Until that day
I shall remain
Deep within
This pit of pain.
It has a name
For it is me
I was so foolish
To never see.
For it is I
I am the sin
I permeate
I mark your skin.

© More Than
Just a Tinder Girl